Veteran owned and operated, IIA DEFENSE is dedicated to manufacturing and selling some of the most innovative and highest quality combat grade weapon systems and parts. All of our parts are designed and manufactured in the USA with top quality materials sourced in the USA.


We believe in quality through precision and stand behind our products 100%! If you ever have an issue with anything purchased through us just let us know and we'll make it right. We are continuously expanding our product line so check back with us regularly to see what's new, or email us to become a IIA DEFENSE citizen.


IIA DEFENSE’s mission statement as stated above is very simple:


We intend to properly inform Americans on their Second Amendment rights and relevant federal and state laws in effect today.


We intend to Equip Americans with the best firearms on the market today. Our weapons are the best and have been tested both on and off the battlefield. We also will help Americans build, customize, and personalize their own combat grade weapon systems.


We intend to train Americans on a wide variety of subjects ranging from safety to weapon systems of all caliber. Our training cadre are All US Veterans and are well versed on the topics they teach. We also offer specialty training courses including: home invasion, car-jacking, shoot like a sniper, and self defense.